Menashe Shemesh and Uri Geller, who have over 18 years of experience as options traders,           launched in 2013 Granite Alphen Capital Fund – an award winning Systematic Hedge Fund.

Prior to launching the Fund, Menashe and Uri successfully ran the proprietary options trading firm Granite Financial Instruments. From 2003 to 2012 Granite accounted for a significant portion of the daily options volume in the Israeli local market, and was considered one of the biggest and most successful options trading desks. Based on their extensive experience and understanding of the options market, the Fund managers developed an in-house propriety model infused with their own trading expertise and market views. The model sought to systematically take advantage of inefficiencies in global options markets.

In 2013, Granite partnered with a Swiss Asset Management Company and established Granite M.S.A which is based in Israel. Granite M.S.A is the Investment Management Company of Granite Alphen Capital Fund LTD, a European Fund which targets European investors. In addition, it is also the investment management company of Granite Alphen Capital Fund Master LP, a Cayman Based Fund which targets U.S. and Israeli investors. Both Funds implement an identical strategy.